False Presumption

Quick Definition: When an assumption is made by a PUA or HB about the other person, but this assumption is, in reality, false.

Full Definition:

False presumptions about a HB can be a tactic or mistake. A tactic would be when a PUA says, “you know, I thought you would be a high maintenance princess, but my assumptions about you were mistaken.” A mistake would be when a PUA falsely presumes a SHB is alone when she is, in fact, waiting for her girlfriends, and the PUA fails to lock-in before he is interrupted.

HBs can also have false presumptions about PUAs, such as him being a player. In this case, once the HB is proven wrong, the PUA can throw a hoop for her to apologize, and relate and reward appropriately for good behavior.

Turtle makes some false presumptions about his date in Entourage:


I made some false presumptions about girls in Denver before I got here.

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