• False Idols / False Prophets

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A “guru” or “leader” that claims to be a master in an art-form but is really a fraud.

    Full Definition:

    The seduction community has been heavily commercialized since Neil Strauss’s book The Game and VH1’s 2007 show The Pickup Artist. The larger, less secluded dating community has many products focused on targeting men who need and want dating advice. This market has been saturated at times with similar products, and the money flows to the ones that dominate the search engines and affiliate markets.

    Because of the motivation of fame and money—and sometimes big egos—ineffective dating coaches end up teaching others the art of dating. It is hard to do this when the person teaching isn’t qualified to do so! Just like martial arts and dancing, these people eventually get disclosed. However, sometimes guys will blindly follow an instructor because they are desperate for results.

    Some things to qualify when looking for a real instructor who has skills:

    1. Is this person good in field, based on your own observations?
    2. Does he have girls hanging out around him? What did his previous girlfriends look like?
    3. Have other instructors or students said great things about him, without ulterior motives?
    4. Does he speak the truth, or is he regurgitating ideas from other schools or things he’s heard but not experienced?
    5. Can he go out in field and “demo” right away? The set doesn’t have to hook; however, he should be able to spark up at least 3 interactions within a 30 minute time frame in a busy central location

    False idols and frauds come and go, and they usually exist for only a short time before they are exposed. In the process, students are taught incorrect practices or are not getting what they expected. Be careful when searching for a legitimate instructor.


    Don’t follow the advice of false prophets.

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