• Fallacies of the Seduction Community #7: Getting Laid Makes Your Self Image and Game Better

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Getting laid gives you a certain sense of ease, a sense of accomplishment within.

    However, have you ever gotten laid, and then got rejected just as bad one night as other nights when you didn’t get laid?

    The outside person doesn’t know what you just accomplished. A new set is just that: a new set. The stock market is not going to give you better luck or conditions just because you made a lot of money on a previous trade. Reality is constantly changing and so are the variables.

    Imagine a celebrity in Taiwan talking into a US airport. Unless he’s already hit mainstream here, he’s unidentifiable. Jackie Chan explained this in his autobiography “no one knew who I was!”

    Also, getting laid by the same girl will increase your laziness – you won’t want to go out. But again, does LeBron James quit practicing basketball because he’s won a game? He’s playing for the big prize – his legacy. There’s no stopping. Likewise, until you reach your pick up goals, don’t stop. If you meet a truly great girl, perhaps make that decision. For me, until I get the skills I need to bed any hot girl level I want, I can move on. This assumes that the perfect girl doesn’t show up in the meantime

    Do not confuse getting laid with getting better at game. Yes, you get more comfortable and your sex skills improve. However, you are still approaching a new set and the same guidelines apply.

    Tyler explains in this video why if you don’t go out, your self esteem actually improves. To deal with the “war zone” and constant social velocity out here in the world can be tough:

    Tyler on not going out and not dealing with REJECTION

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