Fallacies of the Seduction Community #5: Getting a Girlfriend is Hard

Actually… it is relatively easy.

Getting the right girl, falling in love, is hard. After getting a GF, things get personal, it is not a game anymore.

Before this, at times it may seem like it is impossible to get laid, but keep in mind that getting a commitment from any girl isn’t difficult. After all, women are on average 51-52% of the population.

The hard thing is to decide which girls to be in a relationship with, or whether you are ready for a relationship. The hardest thing I had to do was to turn down a super hot blonde girl, because there were minor things that I did not like about her. I decided I could settle, like my last LTR, or not. If I did, I would lose my momentum in learning game, and be in a relationship that perhaps was doomed to fail from the beginning (because I already felt like I was settling).

Knowing this, the biggest mistake a newbie makes is settling for the first “decent looking” girl he meets. These relationship are always doomed to fail, but perhaps in being in them we learn our lesson: the consequences of settling. As a guy in the game, you can take your pic, and with your skills always improving, to choose the right girl for you, and give it a go. After all, falling in love with the right person can be one of the most rewarding things in life.