Fallacies of the Seduction Community #2: Alpha Status and Likeability are Inversely Related

Problem: PUAs are afraid of looking “beta” or less “alpha” by appearing to be too friendly. PUAs act more alpha because they think that is what they are supposed to do to DHV and get higher value, in turn to get the girl and show off to other PUAs.

Wrong Way

  • Newbies look nervous, never smile, trying to be cool
  • Keeps assessing what other people think of him, instead of what he thinks about himself and the situation
  • Always worried about losing value
  • Acting or relating to impress, instead to express

Correct Way

True value is conveyed on an ongoing basis. It cannot be easily faked. Even actors take time to perfect a high value character. The warm alpha is the way to go. When opening or walking around, make your default facial expression a light smile. Don’t be afraid to laugh and smile, usually at your own convenience and amusement. There’s nothing wrong with smiling and being polite, that’s not “low value”. Value comes from your own priority of what is important to you, and if being a polite person is an important quality you wish to nurture, that’s high value to yourself, which translates to your own inner peace and inner confidence.

The anime Rurouni Kenshin manga shows serious and light side of Kenshin and the characters and does a great job. Look at Kenshin’s serious side and then his light-hearted face. They have completely different vibes and energy:

Kenshin being playful

Kenshin being serious

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