Fall Down? Get Back Up

Some girls you will really like, and they won’t like you back. Is it part game? Depends. If you were gaming, then yes. However, sometimes you’re just yourself and you meet people and they get a good sense of who you are, and still, they find you not desirable, or don’t like you the way you like them. That’s the game of love that we all play.

The question is, do you fold your cards, settle, or bluff? Or do you just keep on playing until you win the game?

I had a girl I really liked recently rebuff me. Just sort of went cold. Then I have a former girlfriend who wanted to get back together, and then changed her mind. I am reminded of Jay Gatsby. He so believed in Daisy, but his idealized version of her kept of being knocked back  by reality – in reality Daisy was superficial, not brave, and lacked integrity. Jay couldn’t see this through his romantic haze, and this was what had happened with my Ex. There were so many things now that became clear that she so let me down on, even during the relationship. I decided to look past all of that, despite the mounting evidence that pointed otherwise.

It is time to let her go, and move on. I had a good cry last week when we talked on the phone, and the journey to find a new purpose (without woman), a new girl, or new girls, is at hand.

Going back to “pick up” or the whole process of becoming a gentleman… throughout this whole process, you may not be able to survive without coming out alive and finding out what’s really important. Good friends. Family. A strong sense of self esteem and self respect that you learn from actually BEING alone. Yes, I mean, being ok and courageous enough to be alone and still go after what you want in life. After all, not everyone is going to share your dream.

The juice is usually worth the squeeze. Sometimes it just hurts when you’re squeezing.

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