Fake IOI

Quick Definition: When a girl gives a PUA insincere IOIs in order to gain something from him. (A common trait of skilled hired guns and strippers.)

Full Definition:

Women can sometimes give fake IOIs, such as smiling, bantering, or flirting in a way that implies they are interested in a man, even when they aren’t. Instead, she uses this attention to gain something from the man.

Hired guns, such as store sales girls and waitresses, will often flirt heavily with their customers, even going so far as to make them believe that they are genuinely interested in them, in order to receive big tips and other gifts from their customers. AFCs who are not properly calibrated may mistake such fake IOIs for genuine interest, and savvy hired guns will take advantage of the approval seeking behavior of AFCs for their own gain.

In the field, fake IOIs are often given by unscrupulous women looking for free drinks, who pretend to be interested in a man just to can gain access to his wallet. The worst cases are gold diggers, who get into relationships with wealthier men whom they are not interested in, just so they can use his money.

PUAs should learn to become aware of fake IOIs through calibration and by using congruence tests to determine whether a woman is genuinely interested in them. When ferreting out fake IOIs, it is often helpful to examine the woman’s body language, as a woman might be willing to say anything to get what she wants, but her body will react unconsciously to the PUA’s advances if she does not truly feel what she is saying.


The waitress was just kino’ing you for a higher tip; those were fake IOIs.

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