Facebook Close (FB Close)

Quick Definition: To get an HB’s information in order to add them as a friend on a social networking site, such as Facebook or Myspace (in which case it would be a “Myspace Close”).

Full Definition:

With the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, PUAs have come to use these websites as a way of continuing their interactions with their targets. Getting a woman’s social networking info has the advantage of being less direct than a number close, thus making it more likely for the woman to comply with the request. Many social networking sites also have search functions, which allow a PUA to add a woman as a friend even if she does not directly give him her info.

Communicating over Facebook also has the advantage of putting less pressure on the woman, making it less likely for her to flake on a Facebook invite than on a live phone call. Attraction and rapport can then be built over the social network, and the interaction can be taken further if things go well. Even if it does not lead to a solid close, the PUA can at least add the girl as part his social network, which can serve as social proof and provide potential contact opportunities with her friends.

Social networking and online dating sites like Match.com have come to be seen good opportunities for PUAs to meet and connect with women, and have spawned a whole new branch of pickup dedicated to online game, led by companies such as DYD and WSfW.


I didn’t get to build a strong connection, so I went for an fb close.

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