• Eyes Go Bright

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: This term has 2 separate definitions:
    @Female: The moment at which a woman’s demeanor and body language suddenly become more receptive to a pickup artist‘s advances. The result of an attraction switch “clicking” in her mind.

    @Male: The moment the artist clicks and gets into “seducer” state. He is no longer thinking about his ego or himself, but is totally immersed in the experience.

    Full Definition:

    As humans, our eyes often act as the windows into our soul. A certain look or glance can say more than a paragraph of words. For artists, a certain look in their eyes, aside from getting drunk, comes across when a set goes really well and the state of attraction hits a frenzied pace. At this stage, the PUA is figuratively “on fire,” and a certain glazed over appearance comes over his eyes. He is in seducer mode.

    Eyes Go Bright can be a trance-like state. Some people have described it as if their entire body was being guided by an emotional energy from within. It is well illustrated by comic books and anime characters as a way to add depth and soul through their eyes.

    spawn comic cover

    Case in point: Spawn

    Women have this gaze too, which usually occurs when she feels extremely attracted to someone, as if in an “entranced” state. In both cases, emotions take over, and the person becomes extremely immersed in the experience.

    Watch Justine (Leighton Meester) as she catches the gaze of Vincent Chase in Entourage:


     I had a eyes go bright moment with the strawberry blonde last night. It was amazing.

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