Eye Contact (EC)

Quick Definition: Non-verbal communication that is communicated through the use of the eyes.

Full Definition:

Eye contact is one of the most subtle, yet most powerful, forms of body language. The eyes can be used to communicate a variety of emotions and intentions. Learning to control one’s eye contact and read the eye contact of others are important skills for a PUA to develop.

One telltale sign of an AFC with weak inner game is his avoidance of eye contact. A PUA can convey alpha characteristics by confidently returning the gaze of an HB and maintaining steady eye contact throughout the interaction. Seductive eye contact can also be used to communicate sexual intent without using words and arouse a woman into a sexual state.

Women will often use eye contact to communicate as well. Friendly or sexual eye contact from a woman, or even avoidance of eye contact, can serve as IOIs and AIs. Women also often exchange eye contact as way to communicate their approval or disapproval of a PUA through eye coding. Learning to read these signals can help the PUA identify warmer sets and get his bearings in a social situation.

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Maintaining eye contact is important for conveying confidence.

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