Eye Accessing Cues

Quick Definition: An NLP technique of observing unconscious eye movements to determine what another person is thinking.

Full Definition:

Originally developed by the proponents of NLP and studied in psychology, many PUAs have adopted eye accessing cues as a way to get an idea of what other people are thinking, thus giving them an advantage in social interactions.

The basic idea behind eye accessing cues is that people tend to roll their eyes in a certain direction when they are engaged in deep thought. For example, when someone is trying to remember a visual image, their eyes tend to roll up to the upper left, whereas if they are thinking hard about something to say, their eyes tend to roll to the right.

A PUA can use this information to determine whether the person that he is talking to is lying, because their eyes will roll in a different direction if they are remembering a memory rather than making something up.

Another way in which eye accessing cues are used is in combination with affirmations. By consciously rolling their eyes in specific directions while repeating their affirmations, many believe that the PUA can make a bigger impression on his subconscious mind. Various PUAs and NLPers have also experimented with anchoring different emotions and feelings with various eye movements.

While there are few credible sources (i.e. scientific trade journals) of study that prove the accuracy of eye accessing cues, many PUAs and NLP practitioners swear by the technique. There are many books and websites devoted to the topic, and there are slight variations on the meaning of different eye movements, depending on the source. Also, the eye accessing cues of people who are left handed are believed to be the opposite of right handed (left brained) people.


Watch for eye accessing cues to tell if a girl is telling the truth.

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