• Executive Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Dressed for success and impeccably groomed, the executive swaggers his way into the city, dashing out of his Ferrari or a taxi with a quick glance of his Rolex and a flash of his gold cufflinks. Upon arrival at his mahogany furnished office with expansive views of the city, his (possibly hot pencil-skirted) personal assistant waits for him to sign documents with his Mont Blanc and the (certainly hot young receptionist) informs him he has a conference call with Tokyo investors in 5. Given his high-pressure job that surely leads to stress and unspent adrenaline, some women might imagine helping him let off steam on top of the conference room desk while others will want to be wined and dined. The time-pressed exec drives the ladies crazy, but a few hours being spoiled by this ambitious power player is generally considered worth the wait.

    Avatar Profile

    Unique Style Qualities:Discerning, Ambitious, Powerful, Elegant
    Common Clothing Items:Short hair, designer suits, classy accessories (cufflinks, watch, belt) and a well appointed duffel with sportsgear for a workout on his way to or from work.
    Favorite BrandsArmani, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Rolex
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS)Affluent, Aloof, Arrogant
    What Women Think:
    • His time is precious
    • He likes to spoil but she believes the way to his heart (and pants) is to spoil him more than then the competition
    • He's got power and nothing is more sexy
    Natural HabitatThe central business district or Wall Street, exclusive gyms, 6am jogging by the waterfront, at a leather-boothed bar in the city for after-work drinks, penthouse parties, executive airport lounges, in limos.

    Famous Examples

    Mr. Big from “Sex and the City,” Michael Douglas from “Wall Street,”  Mark Cuban, Donald Trump.

    Natural Counterparts

    Super models, socialites, famous actresses, high-powered female executives one step lower on the ladder.


    Chris Noth as Mr. Big

    Photo Filmmagic.com

    Chris Noth as “Mr. Big.”

    Michael Douglas in Wall Street.

    Photo from Alternate News Views.

    Michael Douglas in “Wall Street.”

    Mark Cuban

    Photo from In The Shark Tank.

    Mark Cuban on “Shark Tank.”

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