AKA Predaptation

Quick Definition: The evolution of an organism’s feature beyond its original use.

Full Definition:

The concept of exaptation refers to a situation where a species develops a certain trait through evolution, and then uses this particular feature for something other than its original intention. One example of pre-adaptation is birds using feathers to insulate against the cold, and then later using these feathers for flight and gliding.

Although some evolutionary biologists argue that there may be “foresight” involved in these exaptation-related features, such as the species knowing that the climate will get overall warmer, the idea is that different evolved traits can be useful for something other than its originally intended purpose.

In pickup, we develop certain skills such as cold approaching or story telling. Later on, we realize that good game can be run within social circles, even without the “canned” DHV stories. However, in practicing story-telling itself, we find that the skill is transferable to our real life experiences.


A lot of the newbie drills develop social skills for the purpose of picking up girls, but are later transferable to their jobs and even social interactions with men and other folks. As such, exaptation happens to the skills we learn as PUAs being applied to other areas of your life.

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Exaptation has allowed you to develop the courage to approach girls, and this courage now can be applied to public speaking as well.

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