AKA “My Ex”, “Ex-Girlfriend Game”

Quick Definition: A girl who the PUA used to date.

Full Definition:

The Ex is a powerful part of every PUA’s story. A lot of guys get into the seduction community because of broken hearts. Others even wish to get an old girlfriend back. Regardless of your reasons, Ex’s are a big part of an artist’s life.

Generally speaking, women do ask questions about previous girlfriends to determine your perspective on the current relationship. Thus, the reason Mystery and Matador have a “I used to date a stripper” routine is precisely to trigger the “I have previous experience with girls like you” thought in strippers he is gaming.

A good player will try to be friends with his previous girlfriends after some time. Bad players tend to lose touch. Nonetheless, we should always strive for positive rewarding relationships in our lives.

Hugh Hefner refers to all of his previous girlfriends as “former” girlfriends, because he doesn’t like the negative connotation of “ex”.


Scores of dating products focus on:

  • How to get your Ex back
  • How to move on from your Ex and get over her
  • How to get a new girlfriend and forget about your Ex

Ultimately, artists should develop the skill set to get any girl, and decide for himself if an Ex is the right girl for him to be with.


I try to be good friends with all of my Exes, once loved you cannot un-love.

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