Evolutionary Biology?

[poll closed] Casual and I had a discussion over the past week regarding whether or not to include terminology that stems from evolutionary biology.

His point was that we should stick to lingo that is created specifically by PUAs, and intended for pickup artist usage. While I agree with this statement, we also see the benefit of writing about evolutionary biology terms as they relate to pickup.

Many of us have learned from books like The Red Queen, The Selfish Gene, The Mating Mind, among others. From these works we have come across terminology such as “memes” – technically, its definition is simply a cultural gene.

When you apply it to pickup, you could argue that because of “memes”, modern day women are valued for being thin, whereas in the recent past, society has often valued women who were plump or slightly “chubby” by our present standards. This reflects a cultural shift in our thinking, reflected by the natural selection of memes.

So we want to get our audience’s opinions on this – should we include evolutionary biology themes and definitions in PUA Lingo’s word list? What other areas of definitions would you guys like to see?

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