Evolution Of the Wolf and the Truth about Wealth

“That’s it. I’ve done it. I’ve arrived.”

That’s what we used to think. In high-school I wanted to be older. In college, I wanted to get a cool job so I could get girls. At my first real job, I wanted to to “make it” and become an awesome employee. At Google, I wanted to be “awesome and Googley”. There’s always something else to aim for before we find happiness.

I think the human mind, and perhaps to a degree the media draw up this fantasy of the “get this and you will be happy” mentality. When in fact, the very idea of doing what you love is the fantasy itself. Coach Wooden saw this in his life (UCLA legend). Donald Trump also expressed the same sentiments in his book “How to Think Like A Billionaire”.

The truth lies more in what Ekhart Tolle called “being in the present moment” and enjoying the process itself. I think coach John Wooden really understood this. We are also the products of our parents. My mother, who is very pragmatic, and always knew how to save money. And my dad, who wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted. He taught me many a great deal about how to be diplomatic and kind to people, and how to be a man. I think one of the reasons my brother and I turned out to very rarely lie is because my dad rarely lied about anything. And that’s tough given his profession as a diplomat.

Owen and Julien talk about being the wolf, and how It is never “complete”.

The other thing I learned recently is that I feel free. I understand now what it takes to generate “wealth”, and I will never be poor again because I am mentally prepared to generate value in a capitalistic world. Despite his ego and public persona, Trump shares an insight he has learned about wealth:

“People often criticize me, saying that my success is due to the financial gifts my father passed down to me. That’s absolutely untrue. It’s true that I owe everything to my father, but not because of the money he gave me – it’s because of the education and the practical skills he imparted to me. I plan to do the same for my children, but I absolutely refuse to allow them to live solely off inheritance. They have to make their own way in the world, and they’re well aware of that.”

Few activities in life match the thrill of creating wealth from one’s own labors and then putting that wealth to work to seek out new challenges. Conversely, there is little in life more unrewarding than wealth that consumes its owner or sits idle and unproductive.”

It was then that I realized the best inheritance from your parents are the lesson you learn from them. My dad is well off, but he never taught me about being an entrepreneur. He DID teach me about working hard for your goals, and he allowed me to follow my dreams by sending me to a private business school. I remember he accompanied me when I was 16 and I still remember the day he left me. I was sad and excited at the same time.

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