• Epiphany Chains

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Sign posts

    Quick Definition: A series of lessons, events, and words from an instructor that may resonate with the student at first; however these memories come back to life at a later moment as the student continues to develop his/her game.

    Full Definition:

    Any semi-successful PUA will tell you that there are certain nights that they feel defeated, or could no longer figure out the social dynamics of a setting. Sometimes these are tough lessons, and some give up. Others are prompted to push past these success barriers and seek out the answer. Unfortunately, the answers to all of our questions are not always easy to find. As such, instructors often teach students certain things that come back to them later in time. These lessons or mental anchors are called epiphany chains.

    For example, on a bootcamp night, a student may hear Jeffy talking about why a SHB, while she may be the hottest girl in a club, has at least 1 ex-boyfriend who hates her guts and thinks she is annoying as hell. The newbie may wonder, “I can’t even imagine a man turning this sugar muffin down!”

    Later in the student’s journey, he will realize that his skills and lifestyle allow him to have abundance with women of high quality. Now he has three girls on rotation, all equal to or hotter than the girl he met at the bar that night with Jeffy. The epiphany chain kicks in. The student now realizes that there are many beautiful women, and, in the world of successful men, they are the ones that are abundant. The previous incomplete lesson now comes full circle.


    “I setup with my students mad epiphany chains so that, even though they may be confused by the events of that night with me, they will realize insights about these events later on in their development of game” – Jeffy.

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