Quick Definition: A posse; a group of friends that one hangs out with on a regular basis.

Full Definition:

Entourage is a word made famous by celebrity groups whereby one person (i.e. the celebrity) is the ring leader. He or she has become the focal point of attention and power in the public eye and in his or her group. In the seduction community, an entourage is a banding of PUAs or individuals of value who hang together and are friends on a deep, foundational level.

The HBO show Entourage best illustrates this through the friendships of its main cast Turtle, Drama, Eric, and Vince (despite Vincent Chase’s celebrity status). It is not just about Hollywood, money, and hot chicks.

At the end of the day, an entourage is a modern tribe, and a tribe has its assigned leaders, followers, and family members. Turtle says it best in Season 5 when Jamie Lynn asks him, “Are there are lot of Doms in your life?” Turtle replies, “Oh there are plenty of Doms. But there’s only one Vince.”

An example of an Entourage is the RSD crew: Tyler and Papa as founders, and Jeffy, Tim, Ozzy, Hoobie, and others as the RSD instructors. They work together and are also friends in real life. Most importantly, notice the vibe and escalation of the group’s vibe as each member contributes to the tribe in his own unique way:


You guys are now part of my entourage.

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