Entourage Game

Quick Definition: Pioneered by AFC Adam, a type of game whereby you build a network and lifestyle of having many beautiful women around whenever you go out and good friends, and often hit the effect of pre-selection at the venues you visist.

Full Definition:

Entourage game, also known as extreme pre-selection, involves building a life where you have a great deal of beautiful women around you at all times, so that you are perceived as being attractive and are therefore able to meet and attract others.

Adam goes into detail about Entourage game and explains in the PUA Training DVDs series that a major part of Entourage game is that you DO NOT try to sleep with the girls you game but instead befriend them. Especially the hot ones. The hotter the girl friends, the more pre-selection you have. Once you hit a tipping point of hot girls within your entourage, other girls will start approaching you.

David Wygant on his Entourage Game:


Entourage game is pretty damn good but takes time to build up.

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Source: AFC Adam

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