Your Entourage is a key part of your long term social game. Who you hang with not only reflects social value, it is also the key to maintaining healthy and stimulating relationships. Your friends or group of very good friends reflect a large part of who you are.

Savoy has a very interesting thread on Attraction Forums (AF) about social circle game. He talks about “social trees” and “connectors”. A Connector is someone who is socially well connected and can introduce you to people. A Niche Value person is someone who may not necessarily have a lot of friends, but can get you access into something rare. For example, the bouncer at a club, the cashier at the bank, or the cheerleader in the math class who will introduce you to all her friends. A “social dead end” is the guy who you grew up with, who is a really cool friend, but has only 1-2 friends and cannot introduce you to any new social groups. A social “tree” is a micro-tribe, each with their implicit leader and followers and “culture”. In the Bay, for example, a lot of these groups say “hella” a lot, which I have never heard of on the east coast.

While these “value assessments” really defy what I believe to be true friendship, they are important to note as you build your social circle empire.

At the end of the day, it feels good to align with guys who share similar goals with you in life. You motivate each other, you make mistakes, and you learn. Take a look at the hit HBO show “Entourage”. Why is it so popular among guys? Sure, it is the dream about being an A-list movie star – but go beyond the surface and you will find that it subtlety conveys many men’s fantasies:

1. The adventure of moving to the wild west and making it big
2. Having your boys as “family”, no matter what happens, we stick together
3. Each member has his quirks and yet we still love them for it
4. Girls are simply things to enjoy, not obsess over. Family comes first
5. Being a leader in a group of nerds is worse than being the bottom feeder of a celebrity’s Entourage. I still remember Turtle’s quote from the pilot:

E: “Turtle, are you ever going to get laid without Vince? That’s the question”

Turtle: “Do I give a fuck? That’s the answer!”

6. Maybe you can have it all (?)

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