AKA “Sense of Entitlement”

Quick Definition: The sub-communicated personal expression of a person’s expectations regarding what he thinks he deserves in life. (And subsequently the type of girl he believes he deserves on a deep subconscious level.)

Full Definition:

Everyone possesses a level of entitlement based on his or her life experiences and world perspective. A person with a high sense of entitlement may come from a rich family or has always had his way. As such, the prince in “Prince and the Pauper” expects certain things from his social interactions. He may walk into situations where he becomes poor, but, because of previous experience and life reference points, he expects certain things from certain people. For example, a person with a high sense of entitlement may request to see the manager of a store for a full refund. Although he lost the receipt, the fact that he tries makes him stand out among the 50% of other people who are too shy or have too low of a sense of entitlement to do so.

Similarly, a sense of entitlement that is too high causes problems too. The Ivy league graduate who thinks he deserves a manager level position at 23 may be too inexperienced to do so, and will bomb his interview because he expects the people to cater to him. Just like the prince who became a pauper, the high entitlement person must adapt to his new life surroundings.

In pickup, most men have a low sense of entitlement in regards to the women they deserve and social interactions. So what if you walk up to the hottest girl in a club and say hello? A low sense of entitlement comes from social conditioning and a lifetime of misguided information about women.

Sense of entitlement can be communicated via very subtle ways. For example, the way someone reacts to a rude comment or his complete inability to acknowledge any social evidence of someone treating them (i.e. threats/insults) below their social value. They simply don’t register it. This type of subcommunication requires micro-reactions from the body and is very hard to fake. Long term, this type of healthy entitlement can only come a solid life foundation and inner strength.

Watch the way President Obama interacts with Eric, CEO of Google at 16:00 and how he dominates the frame with this voice, body language, and overall presence:


Everyone deserves some level of a sense of entitlement in life.

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