Energy Projection

Quick Definition: The ability to transfer your energy and enthusiasm to another person.

Full Definition:

Your energy levels are one of the most crucial aspects of your vibe when picking up women. But just as having a calibrated energy level is crucial, it is equally important to be able to infect others with the same levels of energy as yours. When women go out to a bar or a club, they want to meet people that will bring their own energy levels up. Not someone who’s going to be a bore and bring them all down. As a pickup artist, you must be able to use your energy projection skills to do this.

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There’s a saying that enthusiasm is contagious, and this idea is one of the cornerstones of energy projection. To really be able to project your energy onto another person, you must really be enjoying what you’re doing. If you view pickup as a chore, this will come across in your vibe and no matter how hard you try to put up a facade of high energy, you will not be able to project it.

Another key aspect of energy projection is the way you speak. The funny thing is that it doesn’t really matter what you talk about, if you’re genuinely interested about what you’re saying, women will respond to it and cling onto every word you’re saying. If you’ve ever heard some of the world’s most charismatic people like Russell Brand or Johnny Depp talk, you’ll have noticed that they exude a infallible belief in every word they’re saying. And when they do that, people can’t help but listen and be influenced. The words that you use when speaking or telling stories too are important when projecting your energy. It is important to use phrases that carry a vibe of calm confidence like “I believe” or “I’m sure that” instead of “Maybe” or “I hope that.”

Your body language too is an important aspect of your energy projection. By having a warm and open body language, you will be able to put people at ease and be able to easily influence them with your energy levels.

One of the best ways to work on your energy projection is to analyze and model charismatic people that you feel have the power to infect you with their energy levels. It could be your favorite actor or your favorite musician or even Barack Obama. Just pick a few people and study the way they carry themselves, their body language, the words they use, their vocal tonality and then work on emulating these characteristics.

Usage: Using his energy projection skills he was able to infect those around him with enthusiasm.

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