Emotional Value

Quick Definition: The emotional currency in social interaction; the “value” you give to others and others give you to in the form of emotions.

Full Definition:

Emotional value can take many forms but is first and foremost the currency of social interactions. It is the ‘value’ we give to others in the form of emotions. For example, humor, buying temperature, emotional state changes, and anything that stimulates the emotions are all forms of emotional value. Contrast this with NOT giving emotional value, which can often take the form of boring, uninteresting, platonic conversation (emotionally unstimulating). Confidence, dominance, and even being well dressed can also “give” emotional value in the sense that a women will feel an emotional state change in reaction to these things.

Sometimes simply truly listening to a person without judgement is giving emotional value. In the American fast pace of life, many people often listen to others through a prism of their own biases and agendas. Truly listen to someone next time without reaction or judgement, simply nodding in agreement and acknowledgement. This is a great way to make deeper connections with women as well as men and friends in general.

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