Emotional Muscle

Quick Definition: Refers to the strength of your EQ and emotional durability during stressful times and life upheavals.

Full Definition:

The more times you flinch, the more times you are rejected, the less that action affects you. I remember the first time I got harassed by a cop, I was shocked, how could she do this? After that, it was much more normal and I no longer freaked out when cops were around. Similarly, once you lose your virginity, be it kissing, sex, or relationships, you are less shell-shocked by it. Those who have been through tough relationships usually know what it feels like, and it helps them get over the next one faster.

brain emotional muscle
Working out your emotional muscles

A man (or woman) who has been in love, real love, knows that unconditional love is forever and does not exist in “time” sense. Therefore they understand that everything in this life is ephemeral  and are more at peace. They also know that they can find love again.

As you learn more in the game of pick up, you will strengthen your emotional muscles the same way you strengthen your physical muscles

Usage: Over time, with more approaches your emotional muscle strengthens.

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