Emotional Leverage

Quick Definition: The power of associating strong emotions (can be negative or positive) to an action or to a process that is moving you towards a certain direction in life.

Full Definition:

Many of the greatest achievements in history came from a source of strong emotional leverage. Unfortunately, to be great, one must suffer. But this suffering does not have to be afflicted to you by others. It is a journey we take in order to grow and get to where we want to go in the journey of life.

In pickup, the greatest instructors and coaches all went through tough times and battled with their inner demons. Many people quit pickup and get out of the community because they experience failure, and the “juice is not worth the squeeze.” There has to be an emotional component to your actions and the experiences you learn in field.

Tony Robbins on creating emotional leverage for change:

Often times, the student must see the bigger picture and understand that each of his failures is a lesson, and not to associate personal emotions, let’s say, from negative reactions from people because the student was trying to emulate someone else (i.e. Mystery).

dark archon


Strong emotional leverages allow me to achieve these things that I would otherwise not achieve because of my own laziness and habits.

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