Emotional Investment

Quick Definition: The financial, temporal, physical and emotional investments a woman makes in a relationship.

Full Definition:

The game of pickup is often like a game of poker. It’s pay to play. And like a poker player is more invested in a game when he has more money sitting in the pot, a woman is more attached to a specific interaction with a man when she is invested in it.

When interacting with a man, a woman’s words, actions and creativity are her money. And when she contributes these things to an interaction, she feels attached to the outcome of it and finds it harder to walk away. So all that a successful pickup artist really does is encourage a woman to invest more of her time and effort into the interaction. And how you do this is through a process of prompt, reward and repeat.

Fans of sports teams are “investing” their time and attention to the country or teams they follow

To prompt a woman to make an effort in an interaction, a pickup artist must ask for more from her than what a usual man would. Say for example a woman says she’s a hairdresser; instead of asking her if she likes being a hairdresser, a pickup artist should ask for something bigger like what she enjoys the most about being a hairdresser. At first a woman might resist and offer generic answers, but this is where you should hold strong in your resolve and make it clear that you’re looking for more effort from her. Most men succumb to this pressure and end up asking boring and cliched questions that eventually drive women away. Women actually respect men that ask for more from her than a usual man would and find them incredibly attractive.

Usage: The more invested she became in their interaction, the harder she found it to walk away.

Related Terms: Qualify, Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV), Conversational Rapport, Comfort

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