• Emotional Connection (EC)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Connecting to another person beyond just the physical level by sharing feelings and relating emotionally.

    Full Definition:

    Emotional connection is a combination of strong inner game, vulnerability, and trust. For a genuine EC, the connection has to work both ways. It’s not a true connection if the PUA shares his feelings but the other person holds everything back.

    EC can be faked or induced in a target via certain routines. Or with hundreds of sets of practice, the PUA can begin to place less emphasis on each girl’s emotional connection with him. However, the reason EC is so strong is that, for a genuine connection to occur, there usually has to be a slight change in the PUAs feelings towards the woman as well.

    When developing an emotional connection, it is important not to reveal too much, as it is not the quantity but the quality of the information that the PUA shares that matters. It is also important to genuinely listen to the woman’s words, sub themes, and tonality when creating an EC bond.

    Although EC is not required for a full-close, it is an essential component of a seducer’s charm.


    Did you have a genuine emotional connection with the girl last night, or were you just faking it?

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