Eliciting Values (EV)

Quick Definition: A way to draw out, through conversation, the values of a person, usually with the intention of understanding the deeper inner desires that motivate him or her in life.

Full Definition:

Eliciting values is a common thread among different pickup techniques. The specific term “EV routine” is a pickup technique developed by Style. Below is a canned routine that style created to elicit the values of a target:

“What is the experience you most enjoy doing?”

Alternate wording: “If you had to pick one experience that makes life worth living…what would it be?”

“What is the ideal scenario of you doing that thing? Describe it.”

“So picturing that right now, how do you feel? What emotions are going through your body?”

“How does this activity fit into your overall lifestyle right now? Do you do this often?”

“That’s great. What are some things you are going to do in the near future that will bring out this feeling in you?”

“Okay, so in four minutes, we’ve fulfilled your innermost desires in life. You can die in peace now. Thanks for playing.”

In Juggler Method and direct/natural game, eliciting values is a core component of getting to know the girl better on a deeper level. Below is a great example of eliciting a value from a girl by asking her to ask the artist a genuine question that she REALLY wants to know the answer to:

HB: So what do you do? Where are you from? Do you come here often?

PUA: Wow. Is this an interview? :)

HB: Ah…

PUA: I’ll give you another chance. Come now sweetie. Take off the social mask (physical anchor) and ask me something that you really care about.

HB: Wow. I have never heard anyone say that to me before. Okay. Well. What did you want to be when you grew up as a kid?

PUA: That’s more like it! (Reward and relate)


I was trying to elicit her values by asking her deep questions about her dreams.

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Source: Style

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