Eject & Explain (E&E)

AKA Eject With Explanation

Quick Definition: When the PUA ejects while still leaving the target with the opportunity to change the situation and get back with the PUA.

Full Definition:

An example of an E&E can occur when a set isn’t necessarily going anywhere, the PUA can say, “I am going to get back to my friends. Catch me later,” to preserve his value.

Or, if the set is going really well, but the HB is giving the PUA some attitude, he could say, “you realize what I like about you? Hold on, my friend is waving at me…” And just when the HB is about to respond, he walks away. Done properly, this will motivate the target to spend all night chasing the PUA to find out what he liked about her.

E&E is very similar to doing a takeaway, but more deliberate and focused on verbally ejecting.


We should E&E; these girls are too full of themselves, and we need to preserve our value.

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Source: Fastseduction

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