• Ecosystem of Positive Emotions

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Having a sustainable social ecosystem that generates, gives and circulates positive emotions for your life.

    Full Definition:

    Filling your own cup of positive emotions in your life is an important part of long term joy. In lifestyle game, the artist must learn how to master creating his own ecosystem of positive emotions. It may not happen overnight, but it is important over a period of a few years to build a social ecosystem that is productive to your longterm goals and happiness. Anyone with a strong vision and the discipline can and should be able to do this.


    Part of the goal of the learning pick up and social dynamics is to have the ability to create our own social ecosystem. Having this power allows that artist to move to a new city, and build a life of his (or her) choosing.

    Owen on creating your own ecosystem of positive emotions:

    Usage: Create a life of your own with your ecosystem of positive emotions.

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