Economic Lover

Quick Definition: Someone who has a very economic and utilitarian view of relationships.

Full Definition:

An economic lover is someone who has a very self-serving view of personal relationships. PUAs who are very analytic can often fall into this trap, becoming too obsessed about not “giving” unless they “receive” first, falling into what could be called a “return on investment” frame. While give and take is important in any relationship, analyzing things too obsessively can lead to a very unhealthy relationship. Real relationships are organic and fluid, and they cannot be properly modeled by a simple tit for tat checklist.

More broadly, an economic lover can also be used to describe someone who is extremely calculating, and who only cares about people who can provide him with value. Again, while it is important to have a rough idea about what value people are providing in one’s life, taking too calculating and analytical of an approach can come across as very detached and creepy, almost like a social robot applied to relationships.

Ironically, giving value to people who have no value to offer is one of the highest forms of DHVs one can give. And the more one connects with people, the more one begins to learn that everyone has some kind of value to offer, if given the chance.

In general, while it is good to break down and critically analyze some concepts when learning about dating and relationships, it is important to not become too obsessed about concepts. Instead, a PUA should learn to handle situations more naturally and unconsciously, rather than becoming an economic lover.


Davor is an economic lover; he only cares about what other people can give him.

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