• Dynamic Social Homeostasis

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    Quick Definition: The ideal balance all social animals seek to maintain, between protecting themselves from danger and aligning themselves with others.

    Full Definition:

    This term draws from the work of “systems theory” and originates in the PU community from MM.

    The concept is best illustrated by using extremes in the case of an up and coming celebrity. Let’s take Vincent Chase, for example, since Entourage appears to be a fan favorite among artists in the community. As a celebrity, Vince has an image to live up to and can’t simply align with anyone. At the same time, he needs the help of movie studio executives and agents to help him succeed in Hollywood. How can he tell if someone is an “agent of the market” (i.e. Value Connector) or not?

    Partially through subcommunication—the person’s avatar—and partially through maintaining a well honed dynamic social homeostasis. He’s nice enough to his fans, but not too nice where he may be in danger or be pulled into a social interaction that is of no value to him. His subtle qualifications also allow him to screen for high value people, both men and women.

    This is the model for a general social homeostasis from the Venusian Arts (Originated from Mystery)

    Dynamic Social Homeostasis also applies to leaders in executive positions. As a CEO, you want to be approachable in order to stay connected to the organization. At the same time, too much access dampens the aura of mystery and power, and can be a drain or waste of time when this access is requested from people of less influence.

    In PU, PUAs try to overcome the sense of danger of social homeostasis in order to meet new people and expand one’s social circles. According to MM theory, this sense of danger in most social situations derives from tribal societies and no longer applies in today’s modern world. As such, we want to meet as many people as possible and align with them on areas where both individuals can benefit.

    Usage: n/a – concept

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