Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are shirts that have formal, often times stiff collars.  Dress shirts have full length openings from the collar to the hem – there are usually buttoms – as well as cuffed sleeves.  Formal shirts are a great fashion staple for men.  They come in a variety of colors, from light shades to dark shades.  They come in a variety of fabrics too.  Perhaps the greatest thing about formal shirts is that they don’t need to be worn only on formal occasions like weddings or funerals.  Rather, they can be worn to dress up an outfit, or to dress it down.  Often, the wearing of a formal shirt, especially a white one, will coincide with wearing a suit either for a work or leisurely pursuit such as dinner with a significant other.  However, men can dress down a dress shirt by wearing it with jeans or even shorts with oxfords, completing a masculine and preppy look.  Dress shirts can be worn with a tie or without it; either way it is worn can create a formal or casual look.  Having several buttons undone can also make a look sexier.  In terms of what’s going on in pop culture, women’s fictional love interest – the debonair Christian Grey – notoriously keeps a couple buttons undone.

In the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, this sartorial look is beyond attractive to loads of women.  The same is true of the real world.  Even if you may not be working with the tightest abs, showing a little bit of chest while wearing a dress shirt can be alluring to women, and signal that while you may not be perfect, you seriously dig yourself; and you know what they say, women love confidence.  While white dress shirts are thought to be the norm, especially when worn to dress down an outfit, other colored dress shirts can work just as well.  For instance, a man with green or blue eyes can be intoxicating to a woman when he wears a slate grey or blue dress shirt.  Those colors can give green and blue-eyed men a new look in terms of complexion.  If you were pale before, a strategically chosen dress shirt color can make you look tanner, healthier and all-around sexier. 

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