Dress Pants for Men

Some women may like a man in uniform, but practically all women love a man in a suit.  When a suit is not possible or feasible given the circumstances, a pair of dress pants can still do the job.  (Dress) pants for men have evolved a lot over the years.  Pants are the popular (shortened) term for pant

While pants can be casual, like jeans or corduroys, dress pants typically refer to pants that are either the bottom part of a suit, or slacks that are constructed independently, but are meant to be worn with a dress shirt and more formal accessories.

Dress Pants for Men white

When dressed down, dress pants can be worn to work in a business casual setting or on a date, or they can be worn more formally to work at a more formal corporate setting.  Attorneys and bankers, for instance, customarily wear dress pants.  They also, however, tend to generally wear suits.

Dress pants can be made out of various fabrics, and be various colors.  However, tradition has largely continued the trend in which dress pants are either dark or light (white or off white).  More vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, etc. can be great for the preppy look, to be worn for more casual dress, but more simplistic and refined colors tend to be best for dress pants.  While women certainly wear pants too, pants were originally worn by males, just as dresses were originally and in most instances still worn by women.


Dress Pants for Men

A more nuanced distinction or feature of dress pants is whether the pants are cuffed or uncuffed.  Both styles are popular, nevertheless the uncuffed look seems to be making a really bold statement, as demonstrated by Fall-Winter runway shows such as for Prada’s mens’ line.  A photograph exhibiting versatile and sexy looks, worn by several notable actors is provided below.

Viscerally, dress pants provide a signal to women, a very real and strong one, that a man can not only be relaxed in casual clothes, but that he can also be relaxed, confident and magnetic in more formal wear.  Dress pants in some antiquated sense provide men with a dignified, upper crust look.  Once they are own, they, like when wearing suits, can be transformative.