Quick Definition: The ability of a person’s presence to draw people into his existence, AKA Stage Presence.

Full Definition:

Draw is a subtle yet powerful X factor that allows celebrities to be filmed and have a certain stage presence. Draw can be on camera, in print, or on web video. Each medium has its difference. Draw can also be created via high social value. Have you ever had girls fighting out you at a bar? You’re seated, and there are 5 girls around you? That creates draw by creating social value that is significantly centered around you and higher than most people at the venue. Bar owners have draw, as do celebrities.

Draw is sometimes innate in models, while others draw you in in-person, but not on film. The idea of being “photogenic” means that a model draws you in via visual print or on film. It is important to understand the concept of draw to create a artistic gravitational pull, whether it is in a brand, on print, in writing, or via social value in a club.

Janice Dickinson, despite her reputation and sometimes negative energy, has “draw”. Her modeling agency failed, but the show was picked up with huge ratings for Oxygen for 4 seasons because of her on-camera draw:

Though ficitional, Magnto has draw :0


n/a – concept

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