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  • Down To Fuck (DTF)

    By on September 14, 2009

    Quick Definition: When a girl is clearly interested in having sex with you.

     Full Definition:

    Down to fuck, usually abbreviated “DTF,” is the point at which it’s apparent that the girl wants to sleep with you. When a girl is DTF, she is usually giving off strong ISIs, like touching you sensually, complying with your requests, and accepting your kino escalation. Once it’s clear that a girl is DTF, a PUA can go for a kiss, transition to a sex location, or continue to let the sexual tension build further.

    Sometimes it’s clear that a girl is DTF from the moment your meet her. It could be that you project the right sexual stereotype or fall into her blueprint for an attractive guy, or perhaps she’s just looking to get laid and you meet whatever criteria she has in terms of looks, but some girls will start throwing ISIs from the moment you meet them, at which point it’s on.

    Other times, it may take a little more work before a girl starts to warm up to you. But once it’s clear that she’s down to fuck, it’s the PUA’s game to lose. Even if a girl is sexually interested, you can still run into LMR and other obstacles en route to the bedroom, so it’s important to transition smoothly and not raise any red flags or last minute objections.


    Did you see the IOI’s from that chick? She’s definitely DTF.

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    Submitted By: C-Dub

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