Double Your Dating (DYD)


Quick Definition: An e-book published by the PUG David DeAngelo; also the name of his company which publishes other pickup related products, founded by David DeAngelo in early 2000.

 Full Definition:

Double Your Dating was one of the first mass-marketed pickup e-books available on the Internet. Prior to The Game, many AFCs first found out about the seduction community through DYD.

A major theme of DYD is exploring the concept of attraction, and how to generate it in a woman. David Deangelo often stresses abandoning the approval seeking behaviors of a nice guy, and adopting the more attractive qualities of a bad boy.

DYD is also the name of the pickup company that David D. created, which has published over a dozen e-books, audiobooks, and dvds that cover a wide variety of topics related to pickup, including humor, body language, and online dating.

Because of the enormous success of DYD, many subsequent pickup companies have copied its business model and marketing style.

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