Double Standard

Quick Definition: Refers to the different punishments and rewards that a society dishes out to men and women for the same behavior patterns, usually related to a sexual topic.

Full Definition:

Women are judged differently than men, and society has certain rules in place in order to maintain balance and stability. Its rules are not always neutral to human nature. As we know, women like sex too, but they are required via social pressure to be more discreet about it, and judgement to a sexually more free female is harsher and has more serious consequences socially than for a playboy male.

For example, there could not be a playboy Hugh Hefner because she will be harshly judged by the American society.

Because of the double standard, most women are more secretive about sex, and this leads to the secret society phenomenon described in Tyler Durden’s portrayal, especially with women who are of higher caliber (hotter) who are more promiscuous. Most straight men are not privy to this secret society, and an artist must understand the implications of the double standard in order to truly understand the psychology of most women in society.

In Hef’s words years later to the feminists that attacked him: “Women are sexual beings. They are a lot of other things too, but sexuality is a part of who they really are”

twilight moms
A parody of the double standard in society

Usage: Judging a girl for sleeping with a lot of men and rewarding a guy for being a stud is such a double standard!

Related Terms: Social Hierarchy, Social Circle, Social Value, S&R Value, ASD, Slut Shaming, Girl Code

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