Don’t waste time figuring out

author:          “Tyler Durden”
date:             Mon 29 August 2003 17:35 GMT
website: forums
subject:       Don’t waste time figuring out …Approach the girls you want to. Do not give them a chance to check you out before hand. Do not try to see if they like you before you approach…

Do not spend time figuring out if girls think you are attractive. You are wasting your time reading into the actions of women. “Does this mean she likes me? Does that?” Stop it!

Do not give any relevance to a girl checking you out or not checking you out. This will just delay your approach.

That stuff will simply not matter once you get comfortable making approaches.

Approach the girls you want to. Do not give them a chance to check you out before hand. Do not try to see if they like you before you approach. Matter of fact, do not approach any girl who you think is giving you a positive look.

Even if she is interested from what she sees, it is a crutch.

From now on, you will make it on your words and personality or not at all! Fuck your looks! Try going out with an eye patch or something.

It is not a matter of growing balls. That sort of thinking will only encourage you to beat yourself up and damage your confidence.

Know that imagination is stronger than willpower. Whenever you feel you have failed yourself, instead of turning to self loathing, turn to your imagination. See yourself as a man who makes approaches. Imagine a confident outgoing person. Everyday, add details to this image. If you are not up to doing the challenges, go to the bar and instead of wasting time figuring out which girls think you are cute, use your imagination to see yourself making blind approaches.

Spot girls, and in your mind figure out how you would approach them. Come up with your opening. Imagine going into a routine. Feel how big you would need to be to control the situation. If you do this you will experience a form of practice. Your subconscious mind can not distinguish reality from the pictures you put there through your imagination. Practice will make you feel more confident.

You should also talk to girls who you are not attracted to. They will be less stress inducing. At this stage the point is not to score with a girl. The point is to improve your skills.


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