Domino Effect

Quick Definition: The process of laying the “hottest” (or perceived to be “highest value”) girl, and then going down the list on slutty social trees, or going for the queen bee in non-slutty social groups.

*PUA Lingo does not endorse or support the use of these terms. We strive to describe them the best we can based on the seduction community’s uses for them in improving men’s (and some women’s) dating lives.

Full Definition:

This is an advanced term in the social circle game space. Once you set an anchor into a social circle or develop your own social circle, there is usually a threshold for attraction between the sexes. If your social circle game is tight, you can create a domino effect after sleeping with a girl that is perceived to be of the highest value within her own social circle.

In the idea of social trees developed by Braddock of Love Systems, there is a domino effect in slutty social trees. That is, slutty girl social circles usually are receptive to sleeping with the same guy, once that guy has already slept with the hottest girl in the group. However, if he sleeps with one of the uglier girls, he has already cemented his perceived value in the group, and moving on to the hotter girls will become difficult.

In classy girl or good girl social circles, once you make a decision to pick an apple, you usually cannot sleep with the other girls. As such, go for the hottest one over time in a classy social circle. In more slutty social trees, go for queen bee, which will create a domino effect with the rest of the girls in the group.

In a bar or club, if you are seen having a good interaction with the hottest girl in the club, other girls will become warmer and more receptive to your approaches, given the perceived value you have created. Again, the domino effect of social proof takes place, and other sets become easier to open.

Whether or not the artist capitalizes on this is up to him. Keep in mind that social circles are more long term and actions have consequences within the tribe. Nonetheless, the effect takes place based on the initial social force / social value of the girl you first sleep with.


The domino effect starts as soon as the other girls find out that you slept with one of their hot girlfriends.

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Source: Braddock, Love Systems