Doggy Dinner Bowl Look (DDBL)

Quick Definition: The look on a woman’s face when she is so attracted to the PUA that she has big trance-like eyes, a slightly lowered and tilted head, and a look of anticipation, which resembles a dog waiting for his dinner bowl.

Full Definition:

DDBL is a very emotionally charged state and can usually be induced via DHV spikes. A woman with the DDBL usually has high compliance and will follow the PUA’s lead, so long as he doesn’t DLV himself or otherwise botch the pickup.

Hollywood has done a great job illustrating the DDBL in romantic dramas with dreamy actors and killer scripts, but a bad job of explaining exactly how this is done with the average person outside of the studio.

The DDBL can occur when the PUA first meets a woman, if she is physically enticed and attracted to him. It can also happen later, when the woman feels one or more of these combination of emotions: attraction, lust, curiosity, anticipation, excitement, giddiness, and sexiness.

If one looks beyond the surface, “the DDBL is the face that someone shows when one has significant value to them. In this sense, it is like looking into the mirror and seeing the most beautiful face in the world” (Tyler DurdenBlueprint).

A real doggy dinner bowl look:

A similar interested look from a girl:


She was giving me the DDBL as soon as I said hello.

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Source: Ross Jeffries

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