• Doc Holliday

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    Affiliation: Practical Pickup

    Doc Holliday is an Executive Coach and co-founder of the prolific PUA coaching website Practical Pickup. He has established his success as a world renowned pickup artist and coach by stepping outside the box and doing things differently than everybody else. His signature style and the specialty on which his coaching business is based lies in the secrets of the day game, and also in the comfort game. An extraordinary expert on getting men past the first date, he has used his skills to help those date better all over North America and is taking his success to the global level.

    He recently told the editors at TSB Magazine [http://tsbmag.com] that the catalyst that started him in the business was losing his virginity. Before he started succeeding at dating, he described himself as a “suicidal virgin” with extreme depression that lead to a suicide attempt that was fueled by his extremely unhealthy views about sexuality. Overcoming those myths and stigmas truly changed his focus, and he began to develop his life in a way that enhanced positive personal changes and growth. Simply put, when you work with Doc Holliday, no negative thoughts are allowed, as he knows there are no greater threats to your game, AND to your life than the power of negative thinking.

    Doc Holliday is a true doctor in his field, and he heals and helps men to understand that women only enhance your life, they never define it. This mindset has led to his substantial success not just in the world of dating, but in his life overall. Doc Holliday’s key strengths in the world of dating lie in understanding the comfort and logistics of every dating situation, and he specializes in teaching the art of same night lays. Unlike other PUA’s, he claims not every woman can be a SNL, it all depends on how the guy assesses the situation at hand, and how he responds accordingly.

    What Doc Holliday does share with many other PUA instructors however is his admiration of PUA Sinn and lists him as one of his greatest mentors. It was on the night of a seminar that Sinn presented that Holliday lost his virginity, and as he says, he learned from one of the best. However he does not just look up to fellow PUA’s for inspiration and mentorship, and also lists his mom as one of the most inspiring people in his life. When it comes to succeeding, Doc Holliday is a true master in the field, but he says again and again in his long list of publications and podcasts that it is not about mastering dating, it is about mastering the lifestyle. Once he helps his clients achieve that goal, he knows success in dating is the biggest and most fortunate side effect. This is the inner game that Doc Holliday’s success is founded on, and one that is changing the lives of men all over the world. His sage advice can be found on his blog [http://www.dochollidaypua.com ] and podcasts.

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