• PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #1: DJ Fuji and Dan Rose on Sex God Method

    by AlphaWolf & Co.
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    We got a tip from Dan Rose himself on his exclusive interview with DJ Fuji. In it, he talks about his journey in game, and how he went from a guy who can’t get it up to sexual mastery.The interview covers:

    • Why 95% of the guys are not giving women the orgasms they want
    • The concept of sexual arrogance and how to get past it
    • Re-framing about sex the wrong way
    • How sex changes between different ethnicities, and why most Asian men are not dominant
    • Psychological stimulation over physical stimulation
    • How to live out sexual fantasies and role play with your girl
    • A few easy beginner steps to make sex better and more dominant
    • Community Guys sex skills versus Normal Guys sex skills
    • How this can help guys in relationships
    • Tantra and the concept of sexual immersion
    • How a small detail like breathing can affect sex
    • Using NLP in the bedroom

    Sex Advice, Techniques, And Mindsets For Men Part 1

    Sex Advice, Techniques, And Mindsets For Men Part 2

    Sex Advice, Techniques, And Mindsets For Men Part 3

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    Kris June 28, 2010 - 5:46 pm

    Dan Rose is always a genius :p read his book, and it’s AWESOME.


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