Disqualification (DQ)

Quick Definition: An indirect statement or signal to the target that makes her believe the PUA is not a potential suitor. The word also has other meanings, depending on the usage (see full definition).

Full Definition:

The word “disqualification” has several different meanings, depending on its usage and the school of pickup that one follows.

According to the Mystery Method, disqualification is a way of “coming in under the radar” so to speak. A disqualification is any statement that the PUA can make that shows that he is not hitting on the target. By disqualifying himself as a potential suitor, a PUA is able to get past the defensive shields that women often have and give himself the chance to work his game.

Common phrases that a PUA uses to disqualify himself include statements such as “I’m gay” or “I’m in a relationship.”

A related tactic is disqualifying the target. In this case, instead of disqualifying himself, the PUA comes up with reasons for why the target is not qualified to be his suitor. In this way, the PUA is able to frame the situation so that the woman is trying to qualify herself to him, flipping traditional gender roles so that the woman is the chaser.

Examples include:

“Let’s just be friends. We will be shopping buddies”

“Oh my god, we would never get along…”

“You’re a good girl, I’m a bad guy. It is just not meant to be…”

The word disqualification has a different meaning as it is used in Charisma Arts. According to CA, a disqualification is when a PUA brings up one of his own perceived weaknesses up in a confident, often humorous way. This demonstrates that the PUA is confident and not afraid to show his weaknesses.

Disqualification is also used in Charisma Arts as a response to a compliment. For example, if a woman compliments a man by saying he has nice style, he could respond by saying, “Thanks, but I never know what to wear with a brown belt!” This helps to demonstrate that the PUA is modest and that he does not need the approval of the woman he is talking to.


DQ yourself when you’re talking to the HB10.

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Source: Mystery, Charisma Arts

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