Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV)

Quick Definition: A story or action used to increase the perceived value of a PUA within a setting, which results in increased attraction and interest from the opposite sex. Also known as Display High Value.

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Full Definition:

DHVs are a part of every style of game. In MM, it is embedded in routines. The most convincing DHVs are genuine high value activities and passions in a PUA’s lifestyle, as well as other qualities that constitute a PUA’s passive value.

MM defines the following to be non-BT, long term DHVs:

1.Pre-selection – proving that other women want you; this is the hardest one to fake and one of the most powerful DHVs and attraction switches (in evolutionary biology, a signal most likely to be correct because of its difficulty to fake).

2.Leader of men – indicator of an alpha male and social intelligence. Provider of social proof and survival resources.

3.Protector of loved ones – ability to protect her, her children, and those around you.

4.Ability and willingness to emote – correct emotional filters are in place, so you respond (automatically, unconsciously) the right way to different emotional circumstances.

5.Belief in a greater cause – you are willing to devote to a greater cause in life, bigger than yourself.

6.Willingness to walk way – you WANT her, but you don’t NEED her.

There are many other DHVs that come from other schools of thought:

  • wealth (perceived)
  • family background
  • body build
  • sense of humor
  • social intuitiveness and witty-ness
  • ability to have fun and positive emotions (AKA vibe control)
  • understanding how to redirect social pressure
  • sense of style
  • willingness to walk away
  • having strong personal values and conviction beyond that of pick up
  • all of these DHVs relate to: a solid congruency to an cool inner core and unique personality.

The important aspect of a PUA’s game is that the DHVs are real and a part of who the PUA is because, in any long term relationship, fake DHVs will come through. In a cold approach pickup, it is important to deliver subtle DHVs in an efficient and effective manner to create attraction within a given time window.

It is important to note that DHVs are different from boasting or bragging, which are approval seeking behaviors that are actually DLVs. DHVs work best when they are woven subtly into stories or displayed through action.

Wings can also help significantly with DHVing the PUA. Rather than the PUA bragging about himself, a wing can use social proof, accomplished introductions, and supplicating behaviors to demonstrate the high value of the PUA for him. DHVs given by wings and other people are often more convincing than if the PUA had given the DHV himself.

Mystery on how to use flash game related DHVs:

Arash on DHVs and grounding stories:


I DHV’d myself pretty well in that set, which got the HB8 brunette interested in me.

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Source: Mystery

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