Quick Definition: The after-care of a man who understands society’s inclination to shame public displays of females sleeping around and therefore keeps his encounters discrete in order to protect the girl.

Full Definition:

A gentleman’s discretion goes a long way in his underground reputation with the ladies (and gay men). In Tyler’s description of the secret society, the “players” are the ones who understands the importance of discretion in building long term sexual relationships with those of the same mentality. Sometimes, the hottest girls suffer the most consequences, because of the abundance of orbiters and attention she gets from girls and guys. Thus, a public release of her sleeping with someone may cause a lot of strife and conflict among her social circle.

Those who do not use discretion can still get lays, however they tend to have a high recycle rate and must constantly bring in new girls. Like a boat with holes, the captain will always be trying to move water out into the ocean. Without fixing the foundations of the boat, it will always be in a “sinking” and deteriorating state. Mystery mentions the importance of using discretion and asks the reader: “do you want one night of heavy petting, or endless nights of hot sex?” Follow the 7 hour rule and play solid game. Don’t brag about your conquests and keep the girls around.

Bottom line: don’t kiss and tell. The rewards are well worth it, and over time, other girls will start coming to you because of their trust in your DISCRETION.

girl keeping a secret
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If you start using discretion you will notice that girls come back to you over and over again.

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