Discovery (Shaun Michael)

Real Name: Shaun Michael
Affiliation: Previously Venusian Arts.
As of 2014, Discovery started “3 Second Rule” with Mystery and Beckstar.

Discovery AKA Shaun is a master pick-up artist that takes the art of the pickup to an all new level. For him, it’s not about working the skills of pick up into your life, it’s about creating the lifestyle that ensures the art of the pick up just naturally happens, any time, day or night, any place.   His skills are so proficient in fact that infamous PUA Mystery is reported to have stopped a 2009 Bootcamp himself to award Discovery with his own personal Master Pickup Medallion as seen on the popular VH1 TV show “The Pickup Artist”.  Although Discovery has a number of raving testimonials to his credit, PUA Mystery has personally lauded him as “one of the highest and most consistent closers infield I have ever seen, a true Master Pickup Artist.”

Discovery’s strengths lie in his ability to step outside the box, to push boundaries in the social dynamics of dating, and to violate social norms in order to achieve results that are nothing short of dramatic.  Before he became a Master PUA, he was a self professed avoider of clubs and other similar social settings.  Since then, he attended his first bootcamp in Chicago in 2007 and what happened after that has not only changed his life, but the lives of thousands of men all over the world.  His specialization is that he takes his strategies to do most of the work infield as opposed to in the bedroom, and this sets him apart from all other PUA in his league.

His own personal transformation in terms of picking up women since 2007 has been described as nothing short of amazing, and his reputation has the strength to back it up. He is not simply a prized Venusian Artist, but has a long list of celebrities, models, actresses, athletes, and the like on his list of previous girlfriends.  But it’s not just about getting the girl for Discovery, and this perhaps is the single most important factor in his success. For Discovery, it is about adopting a skill set in life, and not just a skill set in PUA.  His signature approach is establishing a “day game”, as he feels that any PUA can handle the night crowd, but how one works in the day game is what will establish someone as creating that lifestyle he so often teaches about.

What Discovery passes on to his students is powerful personal action plans that will teach men not just to pick up women better, but to achieve a better life overall.  With a background in psychology and personality profiling, Discovery is also an expert in cold reading new people, and takes these skills to the classroom making him one of the most sought after instructors in the VA community.  In addition to being a master pick up artist, he is an award winning trainer, a speaker at the International level, and a specialist in Team Dynamics.

Based out of England, Discovery offers one on one coaching as well as a four day “Exclusive PUA Experience” that includes delivery training, the day game, the bar game, the club game, and even fashion advice for the stylishly challenged.  You can catch him in the Venusian Arts community, on Twitter @Discovery_3SR and on Facebook here.

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Discovery discusses natural tips on approaching women and some basic

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