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  • Disarm

    By on September 28, 2009

    Quick Definition: To neutralize someone who is trying to disrupt a pickup attempt.

     Full Definition:

    Disarming is the term that pick up artists use to refer to the process of taking care of anyone who is threatening a pickup. This could include an AMOG who is trying to tool the PUA, a cockblock who is trying to keep her friend from getting laid, or an orbiter who’s interested in the PUA’s target himself.

    Tactics for disarming generally depend on the specific obstacle, but usually involve ignoring them, winning them over, or just generally having a strong frame and dominating the interaction. Having a wing is helpful when disarming, so that the wing can disarm the obstacles, while the PUA can concentrate on closing his target.


    Can you go disarm that AMOG for me so that I can number close the HB blonde?

    Related Terms: Close, Obstacle, Cockblock, Wing, Wingman, SnT, Set, Group Theory

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