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    Quick Definition: An opening line or statement that conveys direct interest in the target or set.

    Full Definition:

    Direct openers can be used by PUAs to great effect. Direct openers work best when the PUA already has a higher perceived value than the girl and when the girl is already attracted to the PUA.

    On the other hand, AFCs use direct openers by giving away all of their value, such as, “Did you bruise your wings when you fell from heaven?” In their direct openers, PUAs convey less sexual interest and more curious intent. A good direct opener example is, “Hi. We are meeting new people tonight and you guys looked interesting,” or “I saw you guys from across the street and thought, those girls look cute. I wonder if they are cool people too.”

    AFC Adam on openers:


    I used a direct opener on the target in front of her social group and it did not hook.

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    Vallin February 28, 2009 - 7:28 am

    Here are 2 cool and timely openers:

    “Yes,…WE can…;)”


    “How’d you like to be the next first mom?”

    Oh…these work best if you’re a black guy hitting on white chicks. See my Yahoo profile above }:)


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