Direct Game

Quick Definition: An approach to pickup where the PUA shows direct interest in a target, rather than hiding or implicitly stating his intentions, as in indirect game.

Full Definition:

Direct game can be a powerful way of approaching pickup because it is very authentic and requires the PUA to make himself vulnerable to rejection, which is attractive. It also cuts right to the chase and can save the PUA from wasting time on an interaction that isn’t going anywhere. However, calibrated improperly, direct game can come across as needy and incongruent, leading to an immediate blow out.

Direct game often begins with the opener. Rather than using an opinion opener or some other indirect opener to start a conversation, in direct game, the PUA will often make his intentions known right from the get go.

A typical direct opener might go something like: “Hey, I saw you walking from across the street, and I thought you were cute, so I had to come talk to you. What’s your name?”

A direct approach does not necessarily have to be done verbally. Body language can be used to communicate direct interest in a girl without uttering a single word. For example, a PUA could use seductive eye contact to open a girl and let her know that he is interested in her sexually, and immediately begin kino escalating.

Direct game is usually most effective during day game, when women are not usually approached by strangers, rather than night game, where girls are often hit on directly by drunk men all night. Most PUAs consider direct game to be just one of the many tools in their pickup arsenal and use it according to the social situation.

AFC Adam on Direct Game:


I am going to go direct tonight.

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